How we launched a new era of digital recruitment for the largest Czech betting agency.

About the client

Tipsport is a betting agency based on modern technology and a unique betting community. It has been operating on the Czech market since 1991, and in 2005 entered Slovakia as well. Today it is an international holding, with 95% of all bets executed online. It manages over 1,000 branches in the Czech Republic, employs over 3,000 people, and holds a 70% market share.

Start of cooperation

The contracting manager from Tipsport came across a case study of our work for Leo Express. They liked it – so we met, discussed their goals, decided on a strategy, and solved formalities. The deal was sealed, and we got to work.

First, we collected all the necessary information

Project goal

  • strengthen the brand in terms of recruitment and HR
  • fill vacant job positions at branches as quickly as possible

Agreed approach

  • we came up with a tailor-made offer
  • we divided the project into two phases: adjusting the conversion rate, and getting traffic

Phase 1,
conversion rate adjustment

In the first stage, we prepared a redesign of their career website. The idea was to increase the conversion of existing traffic, meaning to get visitors to apply for a job.

The Challenge

We were to promote 3 benefits of working in Tipsport:

quiet location

Beroun as a royal city you will fall in love with.

many advantages

Friendly corporate culture and a long list of benefits.

interesting tasks

For example, Tipsport handles more transactions than a regular bank.

+ Automation

We needed to connect the career website to the HR portal and automate everything

The Process

We created the new site in five steps:

  1. we started with content prioritization and user scenarios
  2. according to the content, we laid out and defined the UX and screenflow
  3. we collected the necessary feedback on the created wireframes
  4. we wrote the texts and finished the visualization for the final feedback
  5. we coded the web, based on communication and requests of HR portal administrators

The Outcome

  1. the number of candidates enrolled from the career site doubled
  2. recognition on LinkedIn from direct competition
  3. Tipsport’s CEO praised the HR department
  4. their design department was satisfied with our graphics and respect for the brand book

Phase 2,
getting traffic

In the second phase, it was time to bring people to the new site. At the same time, we started working on HR marketing and put social networks to use.

The Challenge

We dealt with campaigns and actively addressed applicants

We focused our campaigns

on positions at the headquarters in Beroun, and also prepared special localized campaigns for individual branches.

We proactively approached candidates

for jobs in more distant locations; they aren’t on LinkedIn, aren’t seeking work, and don’t use HR portals.

The Process

  1. we first defined what we wanted to promote
  2. in some ads, we communicated whole departments, in others, specific positions
  3. the most important thing was to fill IT positions, so we created target groups based on interest, demography and geography, job title, and experience
  4. we prepared targeting segments relevant for each position via the Facebook API for Marketing
  5. we set up remarketing and look-alikes
  6. we created adequate visuals and added copywriting and advertising

The Outcome

  1. after launch, we increased web traffic by more than 135%
  2. Facebook has become the strongest source of candidates
  3. since the website launch, we have seen steady growth in visitors

The Results

  1. double the number of jobseekers
  2. recognition from direct competition
  3. HR department praised
  4. design department satisfied
  5. position cost-per-click at one-tenth of the original cost
  6. dozens of relevant applicants in the first month of promotion
from: Ondrej Ludvik, HR Manager, Tipsport
to: advertia digital
subject: Top HR Web, very nice

,,“Advertia digital provided us with a great website, and we have been flooded with applicants ever since."

Ondrej Ludvik, HR Manager, Tipsport

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