twenty fashion brands under one single site

how we redesigned not only the website, but the whole digital strategy for LBM group
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about the client

the parent company Luxury Brand Management (LBM) associates more than 20 fashion and wristwatch brands. the Czech market has been introduced over 9 years to brands like Diesel, Tom Ford, Valentino, Dior, Saint Laurent, Versace and Breitling. LBM operates 10 boutiques, 2 of them on Pařížská Street. LBM's digital activities must reflect the high quality of the products and suitably complement the offline presence.

the challenge

the website combines together the LBM brand itself, the brick and mortar boutiques and the individual fashion brands. It all adds up for a rather complex structure. our task was naturally to link individual pieces of content and set up a logical hierarchy.

20 brands

big names in the fashion world attract the desired attention

10 boutiques

need clear information about which venues bring real profits


and not to forget about branding, promoting the brand itself

and so, we went step by step

and so, we went step by step

  • analysis of the existing website - to understand the situation
  • design a new site - to fix what doesn't work
  • conversion rate optimization (CRO) - to transform visitors into customers
  • social media - to continually support online activities
  • PPC marketing - to generate profit from marketing investment
  • setting up digital strategy - to bring people to the web

first stage


analysis of the existing website

it was clear at first sight that we should put emphasis on the structure and the presentation of brands. we also wanted to know what else would be important for the new site. when we do something, we do it well.

  • not suitable for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • static and non-inspirational visual material
  • insignificant content, complete absence of h1 headings
  • out-of-date content, latest in May 2017
  • malfunctioning maps fail to bring customers to the stores
  • some sections are totally missing
LBM Case Study - obrázek analýzy

content has not been optimized for phones and tablets

LBM Case Study - obrázek designu
LBM Case Study - obrázek designu
LBM Case Study - obrázek designu

so we started to design a whole new site

LBM Case Study - obrázek stránky
LBM Case Study - obrázek stránky
LBM Case Study - obrázek stránky
LBM Case Study - obrázek stránky
LBM Case Study - obrázek stránky
LBM Case Study - obrázek stránky

second stage


everything must follow the same goal

bring people to the shops

search ads, display ads, and advertising on youtube

facebook, instagram and linkedin

social networks do not necessarily refer directly to the website. pages on social networks are often sufficient to get the necessary information

remarketing, remarketing and remarketing

LBM Case Study - web image

the results

a redesigned site

clear structure and unified subpage logic

sales promotion

performance and reviews of individual boutiques

reinforcing key boutiques

The Brands and Pařížská 17 acquire their own visual identity

unique design

an attractive, original and easily editable look of the web

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