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Project-based services

We’ll create a logo, visual identity, website or any other one-shot project that will amaze your customers as well as your competitors.

Strategy and digital marketing

Complex digital strategy and performance marketing for Dermacol, followed by a social media concept and new digital branding. With the new strategy, we were able to deliver record sales in season peaks, as well as a steady long-term growth.

HR website and social media

HR is an important part of Tipsport's business, especially for its IT department. That’s why we created a career website (UX, wireframes, design & code), followed by SEO and website analytics. After that, we launched our HR concept for Tipsport’s social media.

Digital marketing and social media

Complex strategy and execution of digital activities for Leo Express transport company - from the creation of visual content displayed across all social networks and performance campaigns in 7 EU countries to the business consulting activities.


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