Leo Express

How we kick-started the digital marketing strategy of the Czech company - in 7 European countries!

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How we used not only digital marketing to fill over 500 workstations in Prague coworking spaces.

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Luxury Brand Management

How we created a website with more than 20 fashion brands across 10 boutiques in Prague.

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Strategy and digital marketing

Complex digital strategy and performance marketing for Dermacol, followed by a social media concept and new digital branding. With the new strategy, we were able to deliver record sales in season peaks, as well as a steady long-term growth.

Strategy and digital marketing

Digital marketing and creation of the official website for the Czech part of the pop megastar Ed Sheeran’s European tour. Thanks to a properly elaborated remarketing strategy, we managed to beat the record number of most concert tickets sold in the Czech Republic!

HR website and social media

HR is an important part of Tipsport's business, especially for its IT department. That’s why we created a career website (UX, wireframes, design & code), followed by SEO and website analytics. After that, we launched our HR concept for Tipsport’s social media.

Digital marketing and social media

CComplex strategy and execution of digital activities for Leo Express transport company - from the creation of visual content displayed across all social networks and performance campaigns in 7 EU countries to the business consulting activities.

Strategy and digital marketing

Longterm cooperation since the beginning of SmileCar (previous project’s name) up to the current HoppyGo, backed by Leo Express and ŠKODA AUTO Digilab. Responsible for performance marketing, design, social media, the website redesign as well as analytics.

Social media and analytics

Help with social media ads for the main concerts organized by Colours Selection. From there, we took care of the digital analytics to help measure all interactions and track sales, including customer lifetime value.

Strategy and social media

Social media for one of the biggest events organised by Lesy ČR (The Forests of Czech Republic), with the aim to raise public awareness about the event and advise the public on the priorities in the forestry industry.

Analysis of social media

Detailed social media research ofthe Facebook Pages of all political parties running in the parliamentary elections of Czech Republic, analysing entities such as the engagement rate, content, an overall impression of each profile as well as trustworthiness of the profiles within the platform.

Digital marketing a analytics

We’re all in when it comes to a good cause. As a pro bono project, we help Loono with their performance marketing raising awareness about their activities and helping them to set up advanced website analytics.

Redesign and SEO

Redesign of a BudgetBakers’ global website with a focus on advanced SEO (search engine optimization), aiming to drive more organic (unpaid) traffic to the website.

Digital marketing campaign

Complex digital marketing strategy for Diesel’s global “Go With The Flaw” campaign and spring/summer collection focused on metropolitan youngsters with a passion for progressive fashion.

Social media for HR

Responsible for social media activities and promotion with a focus on rich and authentic content, positioning Auto Jarov as an attractive employer in the automotive industry.

Social media

We took care of the social media campaigns focused on promoting Subway’s grand opening event, increasing awareness of the new Subway branch in the centre of Prague.

Digital marketing and web design

Digital strategy for the biggest car dealership of Alfa Romeo and Jeep in the Czech Republic, accompanied with an ongoing month-to-month digital marketing activities increase their online sales.

Web design and digital marketing

Website redesign, long-term digital strategy and digital marketing activities for Luxury Brand Management, a fashion brand company that represents global brands such as Diesel, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Valentino, Saint Lauren, Versace and more.

Digital marketing

We’ve set performance campaigns focused on selling new products (Sodexo Bonus Pass and Gastro Pass). The campaigns communicated the new benefits for employees and had one goal - to acquire new business partners.

Digital marketing

We took over the digital marketing for the Fatboy official e-commerce store to increase online sales and to promote a summer launch of Lamzac, the new product which has become a phenomenon.

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