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Founder, Honza Borýsek

Since early childhood, Honza has always been a curiosity seeker and explorer. He attributes that in part to his mother never explaining how things work through the forsaken lens of “because I told you so.”

Later on while attending university, Honza immediately began to recognize an endemic, fruitless pattern in marketing and business. With that pattern recognized, he further identified a need for strategic services that drew heavily upon client education, strong client relationships and the ability to see past traditionally blande and la carte marketing solutions offered by established global marketing powerhouses.

That insight as well as his studies of design thinking at the University of Sydney in Australia led him to reinvent advertia digital. Now, after eight years of its existence, Honza has been influential in helping to develop and/or grow over 300 businesses and in driving success for advertia digital’s client partners from around the world.

We come from humble origins.

Back in advertia digital’s bootstrapping days, our initial client was an iPhone repair store. Years later, having helped manage hundred projects, our client roster includes a handful of some of the most iconic Fortune 500 companies.

We are experienced, yet youthful.

We have an affinity for challenges, with over 50 years of combined industry experience. In a short time, we have already left our forward-thinking, positive impact on companies like Coca-Cola, Dolce & Gabbana, Jack Daniel’s Nike, Oakley, Red Bull and Skoda.

We are fluent in 12 languages.

Our fluency in languages gives client partners a global leg up. We are proficient in Czech, English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Vietnamese.

We have worked with a diverse range of clients worldwide in over 15 countries.

We have experience working with client partners in Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Tanzania, UK and the USA.

We are a team composed of complementary talents.

We have university degrees spanning eight different fields of study, including the arts, business, design, econometrics, law, marketing, psychology, and teaching. Additionally, our team is comprised of non-academics with broad, meaningful work experience and insight that helps form a concentric circle of unique and highly-qualified individuals.

Our Head of Social is herself a social network queen.

She has over 300K followers on her YouTube fitness motivation channel.

Meet the team, we are advertia digital.

Matouš Králík

 | Matouš Králík

Honza Borýsek

 | Honza Borýsek

Jan Hostinský

 | Jan Hostinský

Jan Říha

 | Jan Říha

Jan Král

 | Jan Král

Anička Kubíčková

 | Anička Kubíčková

Mai Thanh Tranová

 | Mai Thanh Tranová

Šimon Kuncl

 | Šimon Kuncl

František Starý

 | František Starý

Daniel Votruba

 | Daniel Votruba

Anna Frodl

 | Anna Frodl

Nikola Borýsková

 | Nikola Borýsková

Join our team!

Although we constantly scan the horizons for glimmers of talent, there are so many out there that we may not always spot them all. So we invite you to tell us why you feel you would be an asset to our expanding constellation of talent.

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Petr Gyüre

 | Petr Gyüre

Sabina Říhová

 | Sabina Říhová

Val Ročková

 | Val Ročková

Jan Volejníček

 | Jan Volejníček

Veronika Vénosová

 | Veronika Vénosová

Jan Němeček

 | Jan Němeček

Radka Haladyová

 | Radka Haladyová


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František Rajtmajer

 | František Rajtmajer

Nati Tisoňová

 | Nati Tisoňová

Westley Overcash

 | Westley Overcash

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