Our motivation is your success. Forget about agencies - what is it like to cooperate with us?

Years of experience have crystallized into a whole new approach.

What advertia believes in.

Digital communication is the key for success in our digital era. Although it seems to be obvious, many companies still lack behind. We believe that the business thinking combined with digital marketing is the only way to succeed in our new technological era.

Customer needs + strong digital presence = business goals. We believe that a strong digital presence can exist only in an environment where we are able to connect your expectations to the needs of your customers.

Think marketing = think business. People tend to separate these two concepts. We connect them, that is where the powerfull marketing is born.

We believe in the strength of collaboration, and we take special care of our team of specialists. It is our core asset as they are the people who will take care of your project.


Why we exist.

We simply love what we do. Every. Single. Part. Our biggest success is seeing our clients grow. That’s all that matters. That’s why we treat every project as our own, ensuring the highest quality delivery.


Three phases of work




We decided to offer the true full-service and be responsible for 360° of your digital potential.

Great agencies: strategy + delivery
Consulting companies: research + strategy
Most of agencies: delivery


What makes us different?

We are heads, not hands. We don’t approach tasks at face value, we think big picture to take your project to the next level. We listen to your requests but also offer a solution tailored to the needs of your business. We believe in collaboration, conversation and partnership - hire us if you want us to be an external part of your team - a digital brain of your company.

Our clients
are our partners.

We are consultants and strategists in the digital environment. Every project starts with research and strategy that leads the way towards a common goal. We strive to keep business and marketing linked under one roof, because we believe it’s the only path to long-term success.


So, what is it we do exactly?

Loads of things. Strategy, creative work and everything else that will help your business thrive in the digital ecosystem. It could be social media, a website, digital promotion, workshop or consulting, anything that boosts your goals. Let’s set up a meeting!

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