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It is always a pleasure to work with a capacity such as Yemi A.D. As was the last event where we took care of the whole social media side of things - Global Social Awards. And we’re on to the next big colabs!

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Our long-term partner for event management and public relations. We’ve collaborated on projects such as Metronome Festival or Ed Sheeran.

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Great partner in area of start-ups and their prototyping, such as iSmlouva, where we're taking care of the whole digital marketing ecosystem.

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A premium photography studio that is located just one floor below us. That's where we give life to all photos for our clients.

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Every functional business needs great accountants. Ideally, in cloud. Thanks to our friends at Contadoria not only we're still in business but together we’ve saved a lot of trees!

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We are constantly looking for people who think outside of the box. There are never enough talented people in one room, so feel free to hit us up with your experience or portfolio - or just come around for a cup of coffee!

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