On Tuesday at 8 pm we got contacted by Brainzone. They asked whether we would like to take care of the website and the digital marketing for the planned Ed Sheeran concert and whether we would be able to supply a preliminary strategy until the next morning.
Answer: Sold out. In total, both concerts in Letňany were attended by about 150,000 visitors., 9th July 2019

How did we sell thousands of tickets?
Just Ed himself wouldn’t do

Our goal was to make approx. 150,000 people say at the beginning of July:
“This weekend, I’m going to an Ed Sheeran concert”.

So, we listened and gathered information to understand how we could have the biggest possible influence on the whole event. Every member of our team looked at the challenge from the point of view of their specialisation. Then, we worked out the strategy together.

Brainzone’s task was to let everyone know about Ed Sheeran’s concert. Our job was to sell as many tickets as possible thanks to our digital environment skills. We knew that neither business nor marketing campaign has a solution, which is black and white, we searched for a strategy that would connect all the dots and aim on the potential concert audience in the most effective way.

What was most important?

The concert of the decade

means a tremendous amount of information, which we had to integrate in order to work with it effectively

The right aiming

was key, as it helped us find out, to whom we could sell this enormous amount of tickets

Ed Sheeran is a huge name

But we wanted people to feel like they know Ed personally; going to his concert would be like going to a friend’s gig.

We created a virtual queue for tickets and a centrepiece of the communication.

The event organizer Charmenko handled all the offline activities – and there was a whole bunch of them – and Brainzone took care of the PR. Thanks to this, we received an immense amount of information, which we had to concentrate in one place for further use. Our team created a webpage where all existing channels would lead. We have supported the indexing of the web with a PPC campaign, which ensured that the concertgoers searching on the internet would go directly to us.


The massive number of page visits provided us with a great tool for working with the customer. We haven’t created just the landing page, but an ultimate go-to place with all the information for everyone who would look for Ed in the Czech Republic.


Such a great amount of data helped us to segment the audience. We found out that besides our target group, we could also aim at their parents or sell gift tickets, and that, thanks to remarketing, we don’t have to aimlessly wait around for the potential customers. We knew, who wanted the tickets. So, we offered them to these groups – and sold them.

Do you want more proof? Here we go, then.

People thought that the concert had been sold out; however, 25% of the seats were actually only booked. And then the organizer decided to arrange a second concert for 80 thousand spectators.


We recharged our remarketing and fired off the message about the second event on all the audiences we had collected during the campaign. And we sold out the second concert.


The well set up strategy helped us to kill two birds with one stone: we unified the communication and created our audiences. And we supported the whole thing with an insight into Ed’s modest personality through the social media.

We connected Ed and people

We went back to one of the key points in marketing – word of mouth. Of course, the name “Ed” resonates almost everywhere in the world. But we have found out that many people don’t connect Ed’s music with his name and face.

In order to boost the reach of the information that people share about Ed, we built our plan on a content that brought Ed closer to the people, who then talked about him with friends and family.

In Instagram and Facebook stories, we used the audio-visual videoclips where we showed Ed’s name, his performances, music, and other interesting bits of information from his life. By doing that, the potential concertgoers could imagine much better who he is and realize that they don’t want to miss his concert.

A textbook example was the ‘Meet and Greet’ Facebook contest, where the winner would meet Ed personally. This campaign reached almost 270,000 people; more than 43,000 reacted to our post.

Thanks to our teamwork, we have outdone a Rolling Stones’ concert

We don’t have access to the analytics of all the sales platforms, so we can’t count exactly how many tickets we have sold. Still, we’re celebrating. Our web was the ultimate communication hub about the event, so, you could say that our team has a share on every ticket that hasn’t been bought directly.


This concert was the biggest event of the decade. Ed made his fans happy and we were glad that we fulfilled the expectations of the event organizers Charmenko and Brainzone.

The results

150k tickets

Over 150 000 sold tickets for two concerts.

Over 520k

Over 520 000 visits on the website.

2 concerts

2 sold out concerts of Ed Sheeran.

2,9 mil.

Over 2.9 mil addressed people.

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