Community Meetup 06: Personal Branding and Influencers

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Daniel Loaiza

Yesterday, Wednesday 21st of August we got together for the sixth consecutive community meetup organized by advertia digital. This time we met to talk and discuss our thoughts and impact on business and society of the growing industry of personal branding and influencers. 

One of the things to remark is that it was one of our most attended meetups, giving us a full-house and having a bit of trouble to accommodate everyone, even though at the end everything worked out. This is a short summary of what was discussed during the meetup.

As the markets have shifted through the mass expansion of the internet, social media and it’s many communication possibilities, more and more has become important the role of personal branding. However, personal branding is not something new, it’s what in old-school terms we used to refer to as “reputation”. If your reputation was good, business was good. If your reputation was bad, then well, you know the answer.

Now, with the expansion of internet and social media, personal branding has turned into influence when it gathers enough audience in order to make an impact and change consumer behavior.  We have seen the rise of these so-called influencers around the world. 

Personal branding, however, is not only relevant to influencers. Employees and CEO’s as well have pressure to maintain a certain level of reputation. And that’s not even mentioning free-lancers and independent business owners. In this world of interconnectedness, social media and hashtags, we’re all in the personal branding game, and our wealth can become highly dependent on that.

How is this shift affecting both society, individuals and businesses? How to cope with social anxiety due to excessive use of social media? Is influencer marketing going anywhere? How can you improve your personal brand? How can you leverage your businesses through personal branding? These are all questions that we discussed during our last community meetup: Personal Branding & Influencers; Thoughts and Impacts on Business and Society.

We also discussed some of the two of the biggest stars of personal branding that have the influencer status within the marketing community who have two completely different perspectives regarding personal branding. Guy Kawasaki is all for it an even advocates it, while Neil Patel claims that he wouldn’t create his personal brand as much as he has if he had to do it all over again.  

Finally, we went through the blueprint proposed by Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Crushing it” as a roadmap to build your personal brand and develop yourself as a true influencer:

We want to thank everyone who came this Wednesday making it a great learning experience. Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group in order to keep in touch with the rest of the community and to get informed about our next events.

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